Visualising the deep time journeys of Australia’s cratons across the planet

Visualising the deep time journeys of Australia’s cratons across the planet

Bio – Carol Pettersen JP.

Aunty Carol is a Menang/Gnudju woman from Albany, and world travelled, Presented ‘Social Justice’ Papers in Canada, Alaska and Indonesia. She has been a passionate and avid Noongar advocate and leader involved in social and economic well-being issues for First Nations Peoples at Local, State, National and International levels for some 45 years. Carol has a strong Unionist and Public Service background which gave her an understanding of dealing with the Government machinery and bureaucratic systems, working as Principle Advisor to Premier of WA on Equal Opportunity Act 1984, Affirmative Action opportunities. Her passion for her Nations People sees her still working in retirement to ensure that our stories are told and honoured through this National Genestream Sculpture Project.

As researched by Ben Price and Ben Beeton 2021

The mural artwork to be created during Astro Rocks art residency by Ben Beeton with Mali Moir in collaboration with predominantly local indigenous artists, will celebrate traditional knowledge of the region and scientific research on the movement of Australia’s oldest rock formations over billions of years across the planet. It will seek to connect the deep time history of the night sky with the deep time history of Australia’s cratons. A digital reproduction of the artwork will be incorporated into a 3d digital model of a proposed Genestreams sculpture.

About the Genestreams Sculpture initiative: In partnership with Gondwana Link the Genestreams sculptures initiative is a nationwide project between indigenous and non-indigenous artists and conservation groups. The public art project unites traditional knowledge with western science. The Genestreams Sculptures team has plans to install many Genestreams sculptures across Australia in an effort to increase an awareness of the importance of song lines, ecological restoration, cultural restoration, threatened species and how, through deep time, all species are connected within the Tree of Life. We welcome participation from all communities across Australia and abroad. To learn more go to

Ben Beeton has completed over 35 artist residency projects across Australia consulting with conservationists, scientists and traditional owners in order to broaden his understanding of the ecology, geology and deep time history of Australia’s diverse natural systems. Ben worked at the Australian National University on virtual reality teaching enhancement tools and designed the Genestream sculpture, the first of which was recently opened at Twin Creeks (near Albany) W.A. in collaboration with Noongar Elder Aunty Carol Petterson and Gondwana Link. Co-creator with Mali Moir of the Art of Natural Systems online course, which aims to empower artists to work with conservationists and scientists on art residency projects in the field. Click here to learn more about Ben’s former artists residency projects.

The Astro Rocks Fest art residency project will culminate in the canvas scroll mural being exhibited during Astro Rocks Fest, and will be a permanent artwork owned by the Shire of Mount Magnet for permanent public display.  Artwork created will also be able to be placed in a genestream scultpure.

The Astro Rocks Fest Art Residency Project will take place in the building south side of the Post Office (previously the Pharmacy) once Ben Beeton and Mali Moir arrive and settle in.  Community members are welcome to drop in whenever the doors are open.

If you have a particular interest to participate in this project, please contact Karen Morrissey, Astro Rocks Fest Co-ordinator on 0427 635 828