Elemental Impressions

Elemental Impressions

A collaborative work by The South West Printmakers.

The South West Printmakers are a diverse group of individual artists, brought together by a passion for printmaking.  The group currently comprises of 6 artists:  Lianne Jay, Janette Trainer, Sue Dennis, Christine Latham, Yvonne Dorricott and Carol Farmer.  Individually these artists produce original prints and mixed media work, both 2D and 3D;  artists’ books and installations.  They use a variety of printmaking techniques between them , including intaglio, relief and silkscreen.  The group also produces a printshare annually, this is an edition of original printed works which they share amongst the group.  The South West Printmakers see the printshare as a great way to exchange the group’s work and also as a collectable item which acts as a survey of contemporary printmaking in the south west.

For the past 13 years the group has organised an annual week long art camp for its members.  Much inspiration is drawn from these experiences, with specific works for exhibition produced.  The works presented for exhibition, reveal each artist’s unique view of the world.

Our time at Nalbarra Station is from 31st July to 7th August.  We always find the environment we stay in for our camps provides the impetus for the creation of a camp share, so we wait until we are on location to finalize the content and processes for this collaborative work.  Each day we set off, often on foot to explore our surroundings with cameras and sketching gear or we drive to and spend the day in different parts of the environment, for example, the last time we spent a lot of time exploring the granite outcrops.  One of our members, Carol Farmer, works exclusively with rock formations, but we all gain insight and inspiration by being out on country.  During the evenings, we constantly discuss our daytime experiences and formulate what theme and approach we will embrace of our annual camp share.  As well as working as a group, we also spend time on camp individually exploring different aspects of the time we have in a particular space.  This allows each of us to contribute back to the group from our individual, unique perspectives, thrus creating a stronger ‘whole’.

Philosophy of The South West Printmakers Group

  • to build on the knowledge of individual members, through online discussion, skill-sharing workshops, shared advice and experience;
  • to participate in annual Art Camps, as a way to work outdoors; share experiences, ideas, books and techniques together in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • to exhibit together;
  • to participate in their annual printshare;
  • to promote the group and its activities; and
  • to advance printmaking as a versatile and creative artform to the public through exhibitions, workshops and floor talks.