ARTeHub Stone Mosaic Studio

ARTeHub Stone Mosaic Studio

Margarita Menares

Margarita builds a professional practice embracing creativity, integrity and well-being. With more than 20 years of experience within multidisciplinary fields, arts-based community development and arts education. Margarita integrates her various roles as professional artist, community arts facilitator, visual arts teacher, specialist educator and Sensorimotor art therapist into a multimodal creative service.

Margarita was born in Valparaiso, Chile, travelled extensively in 2007 she decided to settle in Australia. Her creative practice is both inspired in research based, academia and experiential. Her graduate and post graduates studies are varied. Margarita identifies herself and her family as a multicultural linguistically neurologically diverse. Her art is both personal and collective standing on the values of human connectedness and the transformative forces of the natural-scientific world.

Her artistic private practice nurtures the delivery of creative services to community groups, non- for- profit, private, government and educational organisations as well as individuals. Margarita Menares is the founder and director of CREA Communities which provides an outlet for creative community involvement, by promoting community health, social capacity and the arts. CREA seeks to produce high quality commissioned artwork, community art interventions and programs, through art education, art making, art therapy, participation and exposure.

Under the motto CREA Communities Create, Restore, Engage, Awaken, Margarita works to achieve the highest social and sustainable outcomes by enhancing a multi-modal approach to contemporary arts. By providing quality research-based services, promoting best practices in arts education, arts in health and capacity building strategies. Creative commercial and commission art products aim for the highest concept design, technical quality, elaborated in an all-inclusive manner, embracing social ecology and cultural awareness.

Margarita work professional practice includes

– Personal creative collections

– Creative Community Interventions : Public Art Projects permanent and temporary

– Creative arts mentoring programs and workshops

– Educational engagement through creativity and socio-emotional learning programs

– Community Arts workshops and projects

– Sensorimotor Art therapy individual and group sessions – Workshops and consultancy